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CNC PB Series

                                                                      Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake

High Stroke / Daylight / Throat = High working space
CNC PB machines offers wide spaces for ease of operation also reduces cycle times.
Syncro Y1Y2 Axes & CNC Control Motorized Crowning
Independent left and rught axes (Y1Y2) controlled by electronics servo valves &
electronics linear position controllers.
CNC controlled motorized crowning system homogenizes bending forces every points
of the bending parts to acquire straights bents. The need for shimming is eliminated.
Sliding Front Arms
Quickset support arms are mounted on a linear quide way and ball bearing system that
allows “finger tip” lateral adjustment of the front support arms. Vertically adjusment is
also easily achieved.
Eurostyle Clamping
Eurostyle tool holders offers precise tool setup by their ground surfaces.

                                                             X-R Back Gauge
                                                                    Fingers depth and height is calculated by CNC controller and executes high
                                                                    speed servo motors produced by Siemens.
                                                                    Retraction is also a standart feature to acquire accurate parts.
                                                                    Back gauge fingers are easily adjusted on linear guides by ball integrated
                                                                    motion system.

    CYBELEC      CYBELEC                                        CYBELEC        DELEM
ModEva 102S 2D    DA-69T                                     ModEva 15S 3D    66 W 2D
                (OPTIONAL)                                                  (OPTIONAL)
  (STANDARD)                                                   (OPTIONAL)

STANDARD EQUIPMENTS                                          OPTIONAL EQUIPMENTS
■	 Y1, Y2, X, R -4-Axes                                      ■	CE with Manual F. AKAS II M -FPSC-B-C (SAFETY PLC)
■	 “Control Unit - CNC Cybelec Mod Eva 10S 3D with           ■	CE with FIESSLER AKAS-LC II AKAS-3 M Motorised + FPSC (SAFETY PLC)
	 PC 1200 3D SW or Delem 66W”                                ■	CE with SICK C 4000- only for tandem
■	 CNC controlled motorized Crowning                         ■	DFS1 Laser Finger protection (for Bottom Beam-Non CE)
■	 CNC controlled Hyd-Mech Crowning ( Standart ≥ 800 t )     ■	Z1, Z2 Axes
■	 European Clamping system ( Standart ≤ 400 t )             ■	X1, X2 Axes
■	 Clamping system ( Standart ≥ 600 t )                      ■	R1, R2 Axes
■	 Sliding Front Arms with full length linear guide          ■	R1 R2 axes on the finger blocks
■	 Back gauge, Servo- motorised & Linear guide               ■	Delta X axis, +250mm stroke
	 & Ball bearing system ( X - R )                            ■	X Axis =1000mm - Back protection with Light barrier
■	 Sliding sheet support Arms with T-Canal and Tilting stop  ■	AP3-AP4 Sheet follower with sliding guide- Motorised height adj
■	 Protection covers                                         ■	Quick Release Clamping
■	 Special designed - worldclass hydraulics block & valves   ■	Hydraulic or Mechanical Clamping
■	 Worldclass electronics system                             ■	Wila Hydraulic or Mechanical Clamping
                                                             ■	Bottom tool seperation system
                                                             ■	Crowning Vertical

                                                                                                                      KÜPER CNC PB Series 7
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